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Welcome to SharpCalculation Control World
#Calculation Control

#Calculation ActiveX Control Released!

The Powerful Calculation Engine for your applications


Make your applications have the powerful calculation ability, build the spreadsheet-like recalculations applications, realize the universal calculation programme,...

All these are Easy for #Calculation Control

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#Calculation is an ActiveX control designed for VB6/VB.net/VC++/VJ++/VC#.net(perhaps more in the future). It is a powerful calculation engine for your applications. This ActiveX control integrates expression parsing and evaluating. Generally speaking, #Calculation control is useful in two general areas: first, when a formula has to be defined and evaluated at runtime (for example, if the end user is allowed to enter a formula that will be evaluated and used); second, when a set of formulas that depend on each other are defined, configured, and evaluated at run-time. #Calculation control supports conventional math operators and functions and is suitable for heavy-duty number crunching. It also allows defining variables and sets of related formulas that implement spreadsheet-like recalculations. Even it can support note-line and custom-functions in your expression. The powerful calculation ability, various functions, and the different modes of work give power and flexibility.

Here is just a short list of control's major features:

  • Arithmetic operation
  • Logic and Bitwise operation
  • Relation operation
  • Built-In Functions
  • Constant support ,such as PI,E,TRUE, FALSE etc.
  • Alias for operators and functions ,eg."sh" and "hsin" is the same function
  • Unlimited nesting for expression
  • Auto detect errors
  • Table/Array operation supprot
  • "Simulate the exact value" operation
  • Two kinds of return value - string and numerical value
  • Upper case and lower case can be mixedly used in the expression
  • Ansi chars and some unicode chars can be used in the expression
  • Scientific notation for numerical value
  • Custom variable support
  • Note-line can be used in the expression you want to evaluate
  • Custom function can be created by the control and be used in the expression
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This is a demo program to show the features of #Calculation Control. Also, it can be used as a Programmable Calculator. You can get the Source Code in the #Calculation Setup Package.

Enable advanced calculations in your accounting or spreadsheet applications.
All these are very EASY!

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